Acacia will unlock the power of cloud services for your business


Acacia Cloud Solutions is an Amazon partner and cloud implementation company, helping businesses 'go cloud' and leverage the power and efficiency of highly available, auto-scaling and infinitely powerful infrastructure.

Acacia is trusted with hundreds of EC2 servers, Elastic Beanstalk environments, RDS databases and Workspace cloud desktops under our management; has clients in the media, medical, retail and education industries with a proven track record and a number of successful project deliveries.

  • Amazon Web Services

    Deploy the most rock-solid infrastructure and leverage the full power of the Amazon AWS stack to ensure high availability, redundancy and limitless processing power, including auto-scaling applications leveraging clusters of servers and databases spread across availability zones.

  • Devops

    Outsource your software development life-cycle management, code release management, continuous integration, automation and deployment to ensure tight governance and rigor. Let your developers focus on coding and leave the devops to us.

  • Cloud Migration

    Decommission your on-premise data centre and migrate to cloud or go hybrid cloud and integrate your on-premise data centre with the cloud.

    Leverage our high speed fibre and upload data at 2GB/minute directly onto your server or cloud storage.

  • Cloud Monitoring

    Monitor up-time and performance of your cloud application and infrastructure end to end, right from an application, to the database to the underlying infrastructure. Get alerts when performance thresholds exceed their limits and analyze rich reporting to drive high availability.

  • Cloud Health

    Optimize cloud your spend and leverage technology with algorithms and heuristics to provide insight into how you can optimize you bill and still deliver the same workload. Gain cloud visibility, improve cloud cost management and increase cloud resource utilization.

  • Consulting

    Leverage our vast experience in IT architecture and cloud computing consulting services to help craft your IT strategy or plan your move to the cloud. Acacia has extensive experience in financial services enterprise architecture in the African landscape.


Read all about Acacia's success stories, case studies, news and musings about going cloud on our blog..

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