Whizz reduced costs by 66% by optimizing AWS

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Whizz Education delivers effective personalized tutoring and learning to captivated children worldwide, while delivering increased confidence and achievement in maths.

AWS enables Whizz to raise standards and inspire learning with their virtual online maths tutor.


  • Whizz needed to reduce their hosting costs while still retaining high availability and performance
  • Whizz were early AWS adopters but their infrastructure was largely based on legacy practises; meaning it was vertically scaling with limited ‘elastic’ redundancy or optimization, didn’t leverage the full potential of AWS and was expensive to run  
  • Whizz did not have a mature software development lifecycle practise in place and needed more rigor in code deployment and release management


  • Optimised AWS infrastructure with auto scaling and introduced S3 and CloudFront for content delivery
  • Using Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, VPC and CloudFront


  • Reduced existing AWS spend by 66% by leveraging auto-scaling and instance optimization
  • Using AWS enables Whizz to provide their educational system at exceptionally high availability at a low cost to 1000’s of students and teacher around the world
  • By leveraging S3 and Cloudfront Whizz were able to deliver content worldwide at low latency and high speed to learners

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On September 30, 2015

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